about me

My past three and a half years has somehow passed, during which, as for my living – I’ve been writing content to a commercial tourism website in hebrew, which is my best spoken tongue. During these years I’ve naturally learnt quite a lot, of how to add pictures that are appealing to the eye and to capture the reader’s attention. But being work for money- and the tourism website should make some of it, in order to pay our salary- it means that the writing is always getting to try to sell something.

Writing payed content to try and make people pay for hotels through our affiliate links (when I almost never sleep in a hotel although I mostly am away from what one calls my home), ridiculous shopping trips to fashion outlets (when I myself nearly never shop, and if so then mostly for essentials), and stupid some-name-of-a-famous-city-card or some-name-of-a-famous-city-pass (which is actually meant for people who are travelling in a rush, which I try not to do), is not big fun .But it’s not horrid either. And the farthest away from shopping one’s consciousness out in shops of Gucci and Prada, the farthest away from it is me- who’s writing about it… Ironic, Isn’t it?

But honest as I am, and as the website owner (which is my employer) is, at least I can truthfully claim, that we do not lie or recommend a product that we do not think is good. We just write about it, who is the audience that might be attracted by it, and provide a link. The choice is in the hand of the reader, once he has the information, wether to buy it or not. I sometimes write about a product that we sell and say- hey- if you are this and such- don’t get it, it’s not for you.

And so low and behold, i’m surprised time and again that people really do buy such things, and people really do spend their hardly-earned money on this stuff, and people really do… enjoy it! A world of wonders. And wonderers. So many people and so many different tastes…

So this blog is a public-private space for writing my own authentic and unbiased words. Well, biased, but by my inner quest, rather then by trying to get the reader to purchase tickets though affiliate links… It is a space to talk about yearnings of the soul, to share my perceived truth and inner journey on the path of the river of life.

This (payed) work, has allowed me to live my live the way I’ve been doing in the past two years doing my (inner) work- mostly away from a land that people claim about it that it’s holy, and upon which I’ve been born and raised. Mostly away from the country that I hold ambivalent feelings towards- one that I do not feel belonging to but one the stirs my heart and soul from the bottoms of forgotten wells and deep deep currents down below.

Does all of it say anything about me? I guess in some way it does, and I also know that one piece of writing can never really put out a full essence in words, only one view, one perspective, about the world.

So this blog is sharing my view and this perspective of the world, one that is constantly changing (as myself), one that has been gained through a deep ongoing inner quest. I had started this quest to find a cure to a sick body, and once I strode on this path I do not wish to leave it although I’m finally starting to gain my life back out of a decade of migraines occurring almost daily.

I hope that you’d find some helpful meaning in these long lists of words, or that at least it would touch your heart and soul.


soma to soma I speak, soma to soma I know. soma to soma we are drawn, one to the other in a cosmic flow. soma to soma we dance, soma to soma we learn. soma to soma we touch, soma to soma we yearn.

and if you still wish to know a little more about me, and also about what “soma to soma” means (to me), you can check out the post “Digital Nomads“.