The Shortest Path Between Two Points is NOT necessarily a Straight Line

(and who would like to be only straight anyways…)

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”. When I was a teenaged high school student, I took this claim for granted. Today, I’m at a serious doubt concerning such dogmatic declarations. Our paths in life are not lines drawn on a two dimensional map from geometry lessons, and anyways the map is just a concept, not the actual soil. As the rays of light, so for us human beings, the shortest route is affected not only by the wavelength but also by the refractive index of our soul.


After (indirectly) stumbling upon Mr. Gurdgieff, or to be exact- with the teachings coming from inner work with the dances, I finally understand that standard education is way more then brainwashing– it framed my mind into mathematical, behavioural and personality patterns. Education is encoding our cultural beliefs into the mind of young children, during the ages that their brains are still working on wavelengths that are prone to suggestibility. §So this programming becomes an undisputed cultural suggestion to a set of beliefs that does not necessarily correlate to my personal nature, but to the nature of what my government or state decided that should be etched into my consciousness. This process is actually not brain-washing, but a brain-littering. My brain was not washed, it was littered (also by myself) with a set of delimiting beliefs.


The REAL brainwash would be learning to clean all of these. To Remove the patterns, or at least, ponder them. Or – at first – just paying attention to them. Through the body, through the emotions and through the intellect. Why are my hands instinctively drawn to straighten up my shirt as soon as a dance is over? Why does my body walks, sits and behaves always with unnecessary muscular tension? Why does it bother me so much that I can not straighten my hand up as the strict lines of the dance demands? Why is is that when I’m really angry and feel misunderstood, tears are flooding my eyes (hint: the tears are not the frustration of not being understood, they are the transformation into tears of an anger that has not expressed).

The time has come to examine the inbuilt cultural suggestions. Time has come to let the anger out in it’s own time instead of converting it into pain. The time has come to align my thoughts for a future that is worth living – with a straight back and no unnecessary body tensions. Time has come, one vertebra after the other, and all along my spine – to match my body to what it WILL be, instead of what it already was. The time has come to examine limiting beliefs. Time has come to dance.

Time has come, for a true brainwashing.


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  1. Thanks – I used your point in my book – to give the word brain washing a new meaning by cleaning up my conditioning, beliefs and concepts, and try to see things as they are. In fact I was just writing about cleanliness of mind – so this input was timely and in perfect synchronisity.

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